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recent works...

3 mai 2009 live / Triton ( Paris , les lilas )

3 virtual movies songs

Collaboration with Frederic Bodu ( also Saxophone with Rolling man )

More on sound cloud ....

My participation in the version six of the ambient / microsound project by audiobulb records

Endless Endless provides an ever expanding organic arrangement space. Artists are invited to send 120 second tracks of ambient audio to Audiobulb.

Tracks are mixed alternatively into the start or the end of the piece in a manner that expands Endless Endless.

The project is entirely non-profit and currently in it's 6th version.

myspace (old songs)

and why not for a second myspace......

myspace 2

Old demo,ask to download.........

Tuareg 's user compilation :

the story of guys , using the same soft to make music , they've never met each other in real life , but they have decided to make a common album...

"The first millennium was the dawn of the world as we know it. Distant drums synchronised the beating of our hearts. The sounds were shaped by the surrounding mountains and the fields on which the tribes performed their dances.

The second millennium brought us the ability to travel. It took our sounds and songs to places where they had never been heard before, like ripples in a lake. It also brought us the spark of electricity that powered new means to make and enjoy music.

And now, in the first days of this new age, the fiberoptic generation is finding ways to make music together, anywhere on the planet. With this project we prove that distance is insignificant. For the tribes of today, time is the last dimension. It's the stream that flows through our music and leads us into the third millennium... "

was here :

Projet SKS - Esquisses CadaWebiques

A Cool project from l├ęto , kind of " cadavre exquis" , each one made 2Mn of sound :

more info here :