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Preferring the work than thinking.

This one comes next, with the work almost completed.

It is then apparent that the hand has reflected the concerns underlying harmonies personal matter

and has already created a soul instinctively

Allowing it to work on land fertile |.

"The wind blows over the mountains and moves the surface water.

Thus the effects are manifested from the invisible visible.

yi-ching (the Book of Changes)



Performance on a mono touch screen

Sequenaya is a patch made with the software Usine
it's a kind of sequencer where you can interact with the number of row and colomns of the sequencer,
Changing the direction and the range of sequences, using a mirror option and more...
Sequenaya is available as an addon for Usine members , not exactly in the same form , but really nearest of this one .

Usine is the musical software i use now for all my musics , the creator , Olivier Sens ,

give us a fantastic tool here with his creative vision and his concept about music creation .

video i've made about touch screen kit and Usine :

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