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2009/2012 :

I'm one of the founders of the community round Olivier Sens, (creator of the software Usine)
Working on the pedagogical part (creation of a quick start manual, wiki, workshops, administrator) on the forum

I'm also in charge of the communication part for Sensomusic.

Workshops :

 NK, Berlin

With the Initiative of manecante ., First workshop in english, was a cool day !
More infos on NK

 Triton, Paris

First occasion to meet the Usine users...

more pictures in the gallery of the forum

 Jardin moderne, Rennes

Really "intimate" workshop , but cool day...


If you want organize workshop or formation :contact : yan.ledean|at|


Synthedit :

Avril 2005 : Création of the french forum for the software Synthedit, who give you the way to create VST/VSTI .

More than 12000 posts these days and join most of the French developers ( check links )

Music :

here an example song ( work in progress ) :

06 erratic by nay-seven

you can listen more here :

Participation to some compilation /projects over the web


Beta testeur pour plusieurs logiciels ( Tuareg, ixiquarks,Usine )

more d'infos: musik


6 month around : New York, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize. (1987)

Painting :

Several personnals exhibitions, Rencontres Européennes d’art contemporain in Avignon, Biennale d’art contemporain « off » Lyon. (1982 à 1993)

more infos : art

Formation & Diplômes

1998 C.H.R.U de Rennes .Stage dans l’atelier d’infographie.

1997_98 Ecole E.T.P.A Audiovisuel, spectacle vivant et communication d’entreprise.

1980_84 Beaux arts de Rennes

contact : musique[at]