IMPORTANT : on this shéma , the potentiometers ,as the joystick are backview

DO IT YOURSELF : build a mini phattboy for less than 15€

Maybe you know midi controllers like phatboy ? ou peavey.... with them you can control in real time audiomulch , rebirth , réaktor and all the softs who accept midi controllers ( most of the soundcards too )

is it a little expensive for you ?

so , do it yourself ! :

what you need :


1 soldering iron , weld

4 potentiometers of 100 Kohms

a joystick socket 15 pins

1.5 m of cable 15 thread

2 pushbuttons

1 box to assemble it


more and more plugins give the opportunity of using joystick as midi control ,

for example :


or this one


from Daniel Palomo Vinuesa

and you can find more...